Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Wedding Stuff

I just realized I forgot to share a picture of our little flower girl. This is Brittany, Colin's niece. She was 5 at our wedding, where does the time go? She surprised me and did a great job -I worried she'd get too shy to walk down the aisle.

The pattern is Martha Pullen's Heirloom Party Dress -the best pattern investment, every size you could need and so many ideas.

I'll give a few more details about my dress. I used a period pattern for the skirt, it's from "Patterns of Fashion" by Janet Arnold. It was easy to adjust to size. I didn't feel like tackling sizing the bodice, so I turned to Drea Leed's fabulous site. I made the kirtle as a corset/underskirt. And then made a pattern for the bodice of the dress to go over top of the kirtle. I've used her site before for my medieval garb and it always turns out so nice. I made the kirtle out of very heavy cotton (with full Edwardian petticoat underneath to make enough pouf). My dress itself was of very fine cotton batiste. I made the dress for less that $300.

My veil was proper veiling material, not tuile. A great source for hard to find material is Farthingale's It was cut to a 94 inch circle (keep in mind I'm only 5ft) -yep that's 295 inches of crocheted lace that I couldn't start making until the size was determined. My dress and veil were chapel length. Not really a train, more like the bit of drag common in Victorian times. We were only getting married in a little country church, I didn't need full cathedral length. That and it would have looked a little over done for someone my height :) The veil came down over my face and hung down about elbow length. I really recommend a circle, it made it hang so nice and looked great in pictures.

I loved making my wedding dress. I'm one of those girls who have always known what her wedding would look like -just needed to fill in the groom -haha. The hardest thing was not showing Colin as each piece was finished. I love to sew beautiful things.


Anonymous said...

That is some peice of fabric to work with! Does your neice still have the dress? You should have Ella wear it, take her picture on those stairs, I think you'll see quite a resemblance!!!

Paula said...

I never thought of that. I'll have to email my SIL. Since Brittany's 11, I doubt it fits any more :)