Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a nice dinner anniversary party for the in-laws yesterday. Colin used his wood BBQ to cook a couple pork roasts. They taste nearly as good as a full BBQ pig, but without all the fuss and mess (and way too many leftovers). We had to keep right on schedule to make sure the pork and scalloped potatoes were ready for noon. My SIL Elizabeth made a couple salads and brought buns. I made rhubarb crisp and steamed chocolate pudding, as well as a tray of squares. My kitchen is just big enough for the ten of us. We usually stay in the kitchen after the meal because we don't actually have enough seats in the living room :)

Niece Brittany was in a play last week. Ella and I went to an afternoon dress rehearsal at the school. There was only one other "mommy" in the audience. Ella's only 3 but she behaved better than most of the "well socialized" grade 6 boys in the audience. I was amazed to see that Ella was not much smaller than some of the kindergarten kids (5-6)! Wow, I knew she was tall, but wow! I also forgot about the school being a giant germ factory. So today Ella is fighting off the sniffles. I sure hope that's all it is, we've been sick enough this winter. It's good timing though, Ella has a check up scheduled for Thursday -she'll either be sick or healthy by then and can get help if needed.

Now to go snuggle with my girl. Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hey - how did you get the little lady head, instead of the blogger "B"?

Oh, yes, germ pits and schools smell weird too!

Paula said...

I'm confused by your first sentence? I may be being dense today but... huh?