Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Love

I know our anniversary isn't until August, but I was looking through Mom's album from our wedding (still need to work on ours) and thought I'd share a few photos.

We were married August 2003. You might remember that was the year of the huge blackout in Canada and the States. That was the week before the wedding. I was sewing on my dress when the power went out. Luckily, we are on the same hydro line as Base Petawawa so our power went down but not out. Also, I was done all the machine work on my dress and had not much left to do.

It was so hot leading up to the wedding. Really hot, even for August in Ontario. It was so hot that Colin took off his shirt while cutting out my veil. Colin didn't see my dress as I was making it, but I never could have cut out a proper circle of veiling material without my ingenious Sweetie. I forget what the tubing was usually used for, but it worked perfectly for making a circle.

We were lucky, the Thursday before the wedding we had such a bad thunderstorm. It washed all the heat and humidity out of the air and made Saturday such a beautiful day. Mom said she was cool, which meant the temperature was perfect :)

Here's my sister and me at the hairdresser's. It's one of the few pictures I have of my sister blonde. She's always changing the colour of her hair, so I requested blonde for the wedding. I think she looks better that way. You see that smile plastered on my face? It was there all day long, I had a sore face at the end of the day :) :) :)

Pictures aren't allowed during the service, so this one was taken during the lighting of the Unity candle. We were given a very beautiful one as an engagement gift. It has a lovely verse too. This picture makes it look like we had a large wedding. Really we only invited about 90 people and about 75 showed up. We only invited family out to aunts and uncles or else the numbers would have gotten out of hand.

This is one of my favourite pictures from the album. We didn't have a wild and crazy reception. In fact it was dry, as neither family drinks and I hate being around people who are drunk (gee I wonder why). My friend Tom was our DJ and once he figured out to play mostly old country a few people danced. This was our first dance -Honeydrippers "Sea of Love". It was such a wild and crazy reception that we were cleaned up and heading to the hotel by 11.

Then we headed off for Haliburton for a wonderful week-long honeymoon. It was Colin's first real vacation in years. It was so good to get away from the farm and have nothing to worry about. We had such a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

That is some veil! Did you feel like "Maria" in the "Sound of Music"? What was the circumference?

Our wedding was pretty similar, luckily we have a few shots from the ceremony, we had a relative take photos, as a money saving thing, and like all people we weren't very happy with the photos. (I have so many ideas for my Nicole - when it's her turn!) We also had a "dry" wedding as we had the reception at the church and a few more guests, I didn't make my dress, as my Mom and I thought it would be stressful, I did make Nicole's dress, both the little girls have worn it to be angels in the Christmas play. And we've already decided that I will make Nicole's wedding dress for her someday.

Paula said...

We're lucky, Colin's cousin is a professional photographer. She is actually the premiere dairy cow photographer in Canada. We were her first "people" and I think she did a pretty good job. I had to suggest some of the poses, but it turned out well. Mom got some good pictures too because I told her to stand beside Vicky and take the same pictures :)