Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Camping and Sadness

Ella is so full of beans today :) Guess she doesn't know that it's a dull and grey day -ha ha. Ella got a hold of the sheets I was going to fold. Then I look to see what she's doing and she has the bottom sheet all laid out for her "sleeping bag". Now she's hopping in a pillowcase. Good thing the carpet was vacuumed recently or else I'd have to rewash everything. She's having so much fun I hate to take them away. It's always amazing how the simplest things can entertain children so easily.

Sad news this afternoon. Our beloved Emma had to be put down. She's not been well for a while and Mom finally gave in to inevitable. Luckily, my wonderful husband found a nice place to bury Emma. It's the first we've ever been able to bury at pet. We got her in 1995, after I finished university. She was such a loving dog, she'll be missed. I'm not sure how Ella's going to take this, I know Grandma has been trying to prepare her, but how much can a three year old understand?


Kimberly said...

Sheet forts are awesome on dull grey days!! We had a pouring rain shower sort of day yesterday. Today is supposed to be the transition day from rain to sunny days for our long holiday weekend. Oh, and a Happy Victoria day to you!

Paula said...

Ella loves to build tents, I need to get her some bigger, light blankets. Her baby ones don't make good tents.

Victoria day was never one of my favourite holidays. I hate the noise of fireworks :) I did like not having to go to school/work though. Now it's barely noticed, since we work everyday.

Bright and sunny today, must get back to the laundry.