Monday, April 6, 2009

This is Spring???

This is supposed to be the 6th of April! It has been snowing all day. The picture on the left was about 10 am and on the right was just before lunch. You can't tell, but it's still snowing. We've got a good couple inches now. I was a bad momma today and told Ella she couldn't play outside because it was too wet. Really I just refuse to get the snow suit and winter boots back out. I say it's spring! My poor snowdrops, hopefully they live up to their name.

Good day just to stay in, put on a pot of stew and bake. I made more of Colin's favourite chocolate chip cookies, with Skor bits (toffee), also some snickerdoodles from my Amish Cookbook book and some sourdough ranch buns -my sourdough recipe and the ranch spice from my friend Niki's blog. Yum, yum.


Niki RuralWritings said...

I have that cookbook! Well, in the original format, it's actually in 2 books...I'm going to look up the snickerdoodle recipe. The link for the choc chip cookies and the ranch spice don't work though, just thought you'd like to know :)
Have a cozy evening!

Anonymous said...

No, that looks like winter! Definately winter!

Paula said...

Thanks Niki, I'll try to fix the links.

Definitely still winter, we're supposed to get more snow today :(