Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny Days

Finally, some sunshine. Yesterday was so dull and overcast, it was hard to do anything and really easy to get blue. We've got clouds today, but the sun is shining and I can actually see blue sky. Now if only Ella would give in and go to sleep :) I want to get some cleaning done in the kitchen, but it's right under Ella's room. If I go out there and make too much noise, she'll never go to sleep. Once she's asleep it'll be OK. I need to get some bread started too.

Look who's finally not terrified of the vacuum! Now maybe I can vacuum without having Grandma over. All these years, vacuuming has been a two grown-up job. One to vacuum and one to hold Ella in the kitchen with the door closed while she cried. I have no idea why she has been so terrified of the vacuum. And I mean terrified, even if it's sitting out, unplugged, Ella would not even walk past it. You'd think it was a poisonous snake or something!?


Anonymous said...

Both the little girls were afraid of the vacuum. The noise, the sucking, the movement and the size (it was bigger than them for a long time!) Now we have a canister style, and they love to vacuum!
Oh, cleaning with a three year old, can be quite a challenge, as they want to be so helpful. Bless her little heart!

Paula said...

Oh yes, "helping" Momma clean is Ella's favourite thing. Especially when I'm sweeping the kitchen floor. It takes at least twice as long :) But I don't want to discourage her, or I won't get help when I want it.

I think it's mostly the noise of the vacuum. Ella doesn't like loud noises. The train has always bothered her. That's one problem with the nice weather coming. We'll have windows open and it makes the whistle echo through the house. At least it doesn't wake her much now.

Niki RuralWritings said...

So, what happened?? Did the clog unclog...or did the pipe blow apart??? Talk about leaving me with a cliff hanger!! LOL

Paula said...

Sorry Niki, he got the clog out and I got a lecture on hair in the bathtub :) Gotta love these old houses.