Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Back!!

Spring is back!! Under all that snow was this lovely surprise. I've got some purple ones almost ready to open too. Most of the snow has melted and it's bright and sunny, but a little cool.

I even got some laundry hung outside for the first time this year. Hopefully this will be the last washing for the flannel nighties and dresses.


Anonymous said...

Well the sun shining does hint of something warm... Hopefully it will stick (ha-ha)! One of our neighbors just did a fun thing today, she left colorful eggs filled with treats all over the lawn and a plate of cookies and chocolate covered strawberries on our porch! They have two daughters that are older, I've heard that she has done stuff like this before, now we know! It was a fun surprise! Please pray for us, we are praying about buying the home that we have been renting, it seems it could be God's will, boy do I need lots of signs though to know it! Happy Easter! He is risen!

Paula said...

What a neat surprise! Bet the kids had fun. Sure will keep you in my prayers. Hopefully I'll get a chance tomorrow to share a secret of my own.