Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Sunshine

I wish I took better pictures. Mine never do my little munchkin justice.

We went for a walk this afternoon. It was just too beautiful to stay inside. Ella is turning out just like her Auntie. When she was young, my sister used to stop and pick up every rock she came upon. Ella's floowing in her footsteps. At least she didn't want to bring them all in the house, more than I can say for my sister :)
Of course, we had to stop and have a splash in the puddles!
I forgot to mention yesterday. Not only did Grandma take care of Ella, keeping her safe from this latest round of sickness, but ... she's potty trained!!!!! I guess that's where 37 years experience really helps.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Grandmas! last year on our trip, our middle daugh. Natalie picked up a rock from each state that we visited, she has them in a little basket in her room! (so they did make it into our house!). Your sun looks nice and warm!

Paula said...

It was nice and warm. I had a sweater on and had the sleeves pushed up.

I can see a rock from each state, but Belinda had boxes of rocks!!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

So sweet! Gotta love rubber boots, too. The girls have theirs, and I even bought myself a pair of pink and brown striped ones!

This weekend, we spent a lot of time picking up rocks out of our grassless backyard, so that hubby could seed it before it started raining. Brianna and I saved a small handful of geode pieces and a little shell (or fish fin) fossil. It kept her interested, at least!

Paula said...

Rubber boots is the first thing Colin bought for me -how romantic :) Actually, boots was the first thing Colin ever bought Ella, which was so sweet.

We have lots of fossils. Not here at the house but up at the "other farm". Around here are just rocks.