Sunday, April 12, 2009


Blessed Easter Everyone!

We have such a beautiful day, cool but sunny. We had a great morning in church. St. Barnabas in Ottawa is lovely, almost like St. Mary's in Toronto. I get "high church" withdrawls sometimes :) and just have to go to Ottawa. Our church in Cobden is nice and very friendly, but sometimes I just miss the pomp and ceremony (and incense) associated with the "high" church tradition.

That sneaky Easter Bunny made her visit last night. She hid chocolate eggs in all sorts of places :) Ella needed only a few hints to find everything. She's so observant. The only thing is we couldn't wait until Daddy came in from the barn. As soon as she saw the eggs she had to start collecting them.

The Bunny's visit certainly helped encourage a certain person to go back to sleep when she woke at 2:30 last night. We were only up for an hour and a half :[

My girlie girl :)
Have a very happy and Blessed Easter.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Beautiful dress for Miss Ella! Glad you had a blessed Easter.

Paula said...

Thanks, it turned out just as I hoped.

I bet little Henry had a grand time this weekend. Did the Easter bunny leave him lots of treats?

Anonymous said...

Hey is that Vogue pattern #2105? It looks pretty similar if it isn't. I have a size 8 cut, embroidered and ready to sew in white, I just haven't found insertion lace. It's always pricey, if I find it at all! Good job to you though!

Paula said...

No, it's Martha Pullen's French Handsewing by Machine book. It's great, sizes from baby to 10 (I think). Basically a high yoke dress that's nice and full. Yes, insertion is expensive. The lace was from my stash back in my "rich" days :)

Anonymous said...

I have looked at that book before -I have the princess book. My single girl rich day stash is long gone :(

Paula said...

My lips are sealed on how many boxes of material and lace were moved up here -the boxes weren't labeled :) I also take advantage of the days when Fabricland has everything buy 1m get 2m free -great time to stock up. I also use cheap lace, even though Martha says it's not worth it. I think it looks just as good!

Ah to have the money from the rich single days but this life.