Friday, March 27, 2009

Home at Last!!!

My girl is finally home! I thought Friday would never come. Here she is playing in the new car seat box. Grandma had to get a new one, for some reason the straps won't stay snug -a real hazzard. So now she's got a fancy Eddie Bauer, with head rest and cup holder :) It's a $160 but was on for $99 at Canadian Tire.

This is Ella doing her "Melman" impression (from Madagascar). That's her favourite movie right now.

This is my Fabricland haul. I sure wish their fabric wasn't so expensive right now. They have some really nice summer cottons in right now. The purple stipe will be a pinafore to wear over the off-white and the lavender, it looks really good with either. The white eyelet on the right (for $1/m) will also be a pinafore over the lavender. The pink eyelet will be a regular dress, probably with a collar. I'm also going to use the purple stripe to make Ella a sundress, it has an off-white insertion in the bodice that will be smocked. And the floral in the very front is for Momma to get a couple new coverings. The stripe and the pink are made in India, as much as I like to buy Canadian/US, one has to admit that India knows how to do cotton. That material feels beautiful, light and soft. Oh yeah, I also got enough of the stripe to make Ella a new sunbonnet.


Kimberly said...

Those big boxes sure make great play spaces! Hip, Hip Horray! Ella's Home Today!

I wonder if they charge you more for a Meter than we pay for a yard? Love the fabrics, they do look like summer. I have some black courdoroy I need to cut myself a dress out.

Have a great weekend getting reaquainted with your girlie!

Paula said...

It's hard to say if it's more expensive, there are so many factors. I do know you guys seem to have more opportunities to save. The stripe material was $7.50/m (39inches) at 50% off. But like I've said prices are crazy up here right now. It's usually closer to $7-10/m regular price.