Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They're Here!

Ella's school books arrived yesterday! I got the ones for 3-4 year olds and also the "kindergarten" age ones. I'm not sure how fast she will go through the early books. Her mind is like a sponge. It's almost scary how easily she learns things. They are from Christian Light Publishing. Unlike some of the other Conservative Christian/Mennonite curriculum I've looked at, CLP goes to grade 12.
I need to take back yesterday's rant :) My friend Niki pointed out that the HS conference has lots of workshop/lectures and kids would just be bouncing off the walls. I've decided to forgo the conference this year. I've got all the books I need for Ella and funds are a little tight right now. Maybe next year. I might feel safer leaving Ella with Grandma Isobel by next year. Then Grandma and I could go.
Saw the RNP today and giant surprise I have an infection. I'm now on ammoxicillin so hopefully we can get this cold undercontrol before I end up down at the hospital. It would be nice to have one winter without a hospital visit. Ella's coming home Friday, I'm giving the antibiotic time to start killing bacteria before she does. Feeling so much better today.


Kimberly said...

All of the books you've got are published by Rod and Staff! They are amazing! Christian Light is just a seller of them. Emmalie started with all the books in the back row (she was past the first row when we "found" R&S :( ) They really got her off to a great start, as I am sure they will Ella too!

We still use "Bible Stories to Read" I ordered second coloring books for the girls! Have Ella use crayons (vs. markers), it will help her handwriting later on, and markers show/bleed through the pages to the picture behind.

I do think you will be fine without the conference, you'll grow with Ella and God will give you what you need when you need it.

You must be missing your girl a ton by now! Hang in there!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I used alot of CLP and R&S in my homeschooling. Howard and Barbara Bean sell both, they are a wonderful mennonite couple who usually are at the booksale at the conference. Are those the "Little Jewel" books in the back row, if not, you should check them out they're great, when Ella gets older there is a wonderful series of books called The Millers that we loved. R&S, CLP and another great one is Pathway Publishers will all send you a catalogue if you request one. Pathway makes a great series of readers.

Paula said...

I miss my girlie so much. The RNP was in Mom's town today, so after my appointment I called on the cell and drove by the house. Ella was at the front door waving and shouting "I love you Mommy" :) As much as I'm missing her, I don't want Ella to catch this latest cold. It's really knocked out Daddy and me.

I didn't realize those books were R&S. They sure have some good looking programs. Thanks for the marker tip. I've never been a marker fan. Give me 84+ pencil crayons and I'm a happy camper :)

Fabricland had their big "Members Only" sale starting tomorrow. I'm going to use my HS conference admission money and buy my "little weed" some new material. We are running out of clothes. Ella doesn't have enough dresses to make it between laundry days.

Kimberly said...

Hope you get some good deals on fabric, I'm noticing that prices are going up. I think that the fabric companies are cashing in on the fact that more ladies are shopping for fabric/yarn/ and craft items.
Yep! All R&S, it is handy that CLP offers some of their items, since they are online. Colored pencils are another thing we have a bunch of too. They work really great on the pictures that have tiny features, some of the coloring books for the older children have small pictures. R&S has some awesome coloring books, about nature, farm life and of the course the Bible. We have most of them. Both of the girls have coloring (with crayons) as part of their daily subjects, the boys do "art" once a week right now, but every now and then they have a subject that includes coloring. It has really taught the children patience and neatness.

Paula said...

Hi Niki

The books in the back are the "ABC Readiness" series. We do have a lot of the "Little Jewel" books. I like that they show a life very much like ours -minus all the brothers and sisters :) And even though the Momma's headcoverings are different than mine, at least she's wearing one.

I've found a new use for your ranch spice. Have you ever used it with a sourdough? I made ranch sourdough buns last week and everyone LOVED them. Thanks for all the great recipes.