Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gone With the Wind

It is so windy today. I don't like when it's like this. It makes me really nervous. Not sure why, I've never been through a tornado or hurricane? It will get worse when the summer is here and we get the bad thunder storms. I just get really nervous and jumpy and can't wait for Colin to come in. Though he's terrible too, just the other way. He'll sit on the front step and watch the storms around us -meanwhile I'm ready to head to the cellar-if you've seen my cellar you'd know it must be bad indeed :)

UPDATE: we have wind gusts of 45m/h today. A large chunk of metal roof has blown off the old barn, luckily it's for machine/soy bean storage, not the pigs. Colin doesn't have to fix it until this wind subsides. I sure hope the wind stops before bed, or else I'll be awake until it does.

Started working on Ella's Easter dress today. I've had it cut out for a while now, just had to get the pleating pinned to measurement. It's out of my 1998 Sew Beautiful -see I knew what I was doing having a subscription to that magazine even though I didn't have a boyfriend, husband or child :) I'm making it from pink broadcloth with burgundy smocking on the puffing. We're heading to Ottawa one of these days and I hope to find some Swiss insertion/edging because I don't like the look of the lace I was planning on using. I think it will be too heavy looking now that I see it with the material. It was from my stash, so it's not a waste. The only thing with this pattern is it's a one size kind of thing, there's really no way to work in grow length. Though it's going to be a keeper, so really it's ok to outgrow it instead of wear it out. I just need to find a Canadian supplier for acid free boxes. I still need to put my wedding dress somewhere and Ella's christening gown and then a separate box for special dresses. I don't want them all over the place like my Grandma's. I want to be able to find them when they are wanted.


Kjunebug said...

I hope that you are able to quickly repair the damage from the wind. And that nothing else happened after that.

Paula said...

We're ok. A corner of the roof (also steel) lifted on the house, but not much. Colin will fix that on the next warm day. Our neighbour does roofing, so Colin is hoping to talk him into fixing the barn roof. Colin can do it, but would rather not be up that high :) And the wind stopped before bed. Ella even had a decent night, only awake twice and only for like 2 min. each. Woo hoo!