Monday, March 9, 2009

Of Spring, Birthdays and Groceries

Ok what happened to the spring day we had on Sunday??? It was so beautiful. I could have left my coat at home when we went out to Seedy Sunday.
At least it's not too cold, so I doubt we'll get much snow or that it will last very long. I'm about done with winter. I'm ready for my sprouts to start.

It's Daddy's birthday today. Hard to believe he's 39. When we were kids that seemed so old. Some days it feels old. Especially when you consider that I was 16 when Mom was 39.

Surprisingly Daddy asked for an angel cake this year, chocolate icing of course. I got the cake made before heading out the door for groceries. Luckily, Colin's Mom is making supper, so the cake is all I have to make today.

Apparently, grocery shopping is hard work. Little Miss Ella announced on the way home "I not tired Grandma" and then promptly fell asleep :) She slept all the way home (40min), through the unloading and yet another half hour.

And here's our birthday boy with his favourite girl. Ella had been rough housing with Grandpa just before the picture, that's why she looks a little bedraggled :)
Happy Birthday My Love!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Colin on "39" the first time!!

Spring??? I think that ground hog in Pennsylvania might be right! It is so cold, sunny, but cold, and the snow from yesterday is still sitting around. Not like your's though as it was only a couple inches for us.

I'm going to make my grocery list now. It's one of those lists with things like laundry soap and lotion that done run out that often.

Niki RuralWritings said...

We had a lovely Sunday as well, but it's certainly gone today! Driving wind and rain for us...and I think you as well, if the weatherman is right.
Have a great day, anyway!

Paula said...

We were lucky and only got a couple inches too. Except for here, most of the new snow melted before we finished groceries. Today it's damp and mildish 2C.

We do groceries every two weeks, so some weeks I have such a large list. I hate when the laundry soap, tp, shampoo, etc, all run out at the same time. I try to spead it out but sometimes they all run out together. All I can say is thank goodness for Walmart. That's one thing I envy you US girls about, you've got such a range of "discount-type" stores. Here I have Walmart and a grocery store.

Anonymous said...

I think we would take 2C right now, it's 1C now and it was -1C this AM!!!

I've thought about how easily we access stores, with homeschooling, I have had to change the way I think about just going out for a quick trip for milk. I had to think like a rural girl, stocking up my pantry and buying as much milk as will fit in the frig. If I did live rurally I would need a second frig just for the milk this crew drinks a ton! Do you have a local fabric/craft store or is that a trip thing too?

Paula said...

Hi Niki and KJunebug

We haven't gotten any rain today, but the wind is just crazy. It's so bad it keeps interferring with the satelite dish. I really don't like when it's this windy, though what really bothers me is the summer storms when it's this windy and I start worrrying about tornadoes -not that we have many thank the Lord. I don't know why the weather bothers me so much, I can get myself worked up into tears sometimes.

I usually buy as much milk as I can fit into the big freezer. Colin drinks milk like there's no tomorrow :) If I wasn't allergic to milk protein I would too. I sometimes need a bag or two inbetween shop days, usually Ella's homo; Mom's in town once a week with the lady she looks after, so she'll grab it for me. We have a Fabricland in the nearest town (30 min), but their selection doesn't change much. I do a lot of my wool purchases online or when back home. The world's best fabric store is in a little place called Floradale. It's a Mennonite general/fabric store. I love the prints I can get there, good prices too. Unfortunately it's about 6 hours away :) I always stop and stock up whenever we are anywheres near. It's on the way to Colin's best friend's in London, so I do get there once in a while.