Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Blue

Not much to talk about today. Feeling a little blue. I think I need some nice warm weather. I've had enough of winter. Could be I'm just tired too. Doesn't help that I was looking through some old pictures with Ella. Showing her pictures from when she was in Momma's "tummy". Here's a few pictures of my baby to share.

This picture was taken at Christmas, so I had little over a month to go. Most experienced Momma's didn't think I would last that long. Ella was actually born 11 minutes before my due date for her. I say "my" date because my OB's date was built on the mistaken assumption that all women ovulate on the same day. Shows who was right :)

Here's my princess on her Christening. Dress by Momma, bonnet tatted by my sister, Auntie Belinda. It was the Sunday after Easter and such a beautiful day. Good thing too because Mom's family all came up from Bowmanville.

Ella was so good, she even fell asleep in her pram for most of the party.

This is Ella at one month. It's one of my favourites. It's hard to believe she was ever so little.
The chatter from upstairs has finally stopped, so I think I'll sign off and have a lay-down too.

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Kjunebug said...

It has been so cold this week, but sunny with a light breeze, which I think makes it bone chilling. I am just feeling out of shape, all this indoor makes me inactive.

They sure don't stay babes for very long :(