Friday, March 20, 2009

And So It Begins...

My crop widowhood begins today :) Colin and Dad got back at the corn that has waited all winter out in the field. They have been chomping at the bit for a while now, but there has been too much snow in the field. The corn really holds snow. Soon they will start cropping and then we won't be seeing Daddy until it gets dark.

It was fairly nice today so Ella and I walked out across the soybean field to see what Grandpa and Daddy were doing. Bad idea. There isn't as much "residue" left on the field as it looks. It's mostly mud. But only the top two inches. You sink down two inches and then hit frozen, slippy ice. Ella was covered in mud up to her pull-ups :) We had a short visit with Daddy while Grandpa was emptying the combine. Then we walked back to the house on the driveway, which was a little less muddy -not by much! I sure hope we have a nice spring this year. Last few years have been cold and wet and then suddenly hot and humid. Not nice cool/warm spring days like we used to get.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Things are very muddy around here too. It has been a lovely week of spring weather though!

Paula said...

Ah, someone who understands the Valley mud season. I wish the snow had waited a bit longer though. Colin is fighting off a bad cold/sore throat and is getting no real rest and over-doing himself.

I think spring is here to stay. My snowdrop is nearly flowering today :)

Hope your syrup making is going well. I just picked up my fresh amber syrup from OVFC today.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to live on a farm! Oh to have space where my children could be free to roam! We have mud, from the rain though and living in the burbs everything is paved, so you would have to try real hard to get muddy!

Paula I have a couple questions about head covering, I hope they aren't to personal. Where did you get yours and how did you decide on a style? and How do those at your church who don't recover react when you first decided to cover?
I'm feeling more and more lead to wear a head covering, I just want to be prepared to answer to those (at my church) who would find it unique. One friend would be fine with it, one would say that her long hair is her covering and then there are a whole lot of others who would find it legalistic, that we are "free" from doing such things because of mercy and grace.

PS tomorrow is my youngest's bday, so far the daffodils aren't blooming, a first in her eight years :( I need my bright yellow blossoms!!

Paula said...

I was actually starting to think about doing a "why I cover post". Hope you don't mind if I take a few days to reply properly. My brain just isn't functioning right now. I can barely even type right -don't want to admit how many corrections I've made to these few words :)

Happy birthday to your little one. If it makes you feel better my snowdrop is nearly flowered!