Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick Again

I need this winter to end. I am so tired of being sick. Last week Colin got a really sore throat, I was worried it was Strep. But seemed to be getting better so I didn't drag him to the doctors. I was feeling find until Sunday. I had such a fever. I was shaking uncontrollably. I was so cold. My temperature was 102F, which is pretty high for me since I'm not 98.6 even at the best of times. Thank goodness for Grandma. Ella was having a sleepover Saturday and Grandma has kept her ever since. I don't want Ella to catch this -whatever it is.

Grandma just came by to pick up my grocery list. There is no way I'm in any condition to go out in public today. I'm not even sure I'm getting dressed today. My throat is so sore, but not in a scratchy kind of way, more a physical sore. It's rather odd.

At least I already had an appointment booked with my RNP to complain about my cough that the Dr. continues to ignore. So hopefully I can get this nipped in the bud before I'm sick for a week too. I get frustated with the medical service up here. They've seen me for 6 years now, you'd think they would have figured out the "ignore Paula's cough/cold and it will go away" theory doesn't work. I hate that I end up on Prenesone nearly every winter since moving up here!

Enough ranting, time to go lay down :[


Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon, friend! Thank you for the bday wishes - I'll be posting about that on my blog. And of course, take your time on the "why I cover" thing. Just get well.

It is so tough being the Momma, we feel we need to keep on going even when our bodies are saying, "time for a rest"; with Ella away, this is the time to do just that. There have been times when I've been ill - and as I have reflected back, I could see that God was saying, "Hey, Kimberly, you need a rest - and I'm going to mandate that for you!"

Paula said...

Yes Momma, I'm going to bed :)