Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Colin went out to check the barn yesterday and called me from the window. Guess what?! There are snowdrops starting to poke up through the ground!!!! It's amazing. It was so cold and snow the other day and now we've got flowers poking through the ground. A few more days like today (+6C) and we'll have real flowers in the yard. I'm so ready for Spring.

We had a quiet Sunday. Morning Prayer at church, Ella's a little out of practice but didn't get too out of hand :) I made a roasted turkey for supper. The grocery store had them on sale a few weeks ago. My MIL doesn't like turkey, so we never have it for "turkey" holidays -chicken just isn't the same. My Mom and I get turkey cravings, so I made some. It was a big one, I'll have to think of some things to make and throw in the freezer or else we'll be eating turkey for a month. Even I don't like turkey that much -haha.

Ella loves puddles. We took a walk around the yard yesterday and today. Yesterday was so nice that I was out in just a sweater -at 7:30 at night. Even though, today, I was told "I stay out of puddles" she still needed to be changed and scrubbed down before bed :)


Anonymous said...

Well, take the turkey meat and chop it up, to a hamburger type consistancy in the food processor and place in zipper freezer bags in 1 and/or 2 C sizes; then it is ready to be disguised in a casserole! Also I've made turkey enchiladas after many a "turkey" holiday. You need the chopped turkey, green or red enchilada sauce (my family likes the green),shredded cheese, and some tortillas. I mix a little sauce and some cheese in with the turkey for the filling. Bake at 350 for about half hour until bubbly and serve.

Paula said...

Great suggestion, thanks. I've tried freezing it in slices, but it always seems rubbery when I go to use it again -not nice. I usually end up giving it to the barn cats. I might make a turkey shepherd's pie too. It was a 15lb bird and there were only 4 of us (including Ella) so I have lots to use up.