Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Favourite Decorations

I know, I should have posted this during Christmas. But as I was taking the decorations off the tree I thought I would share some of my favourite decorations. My real favourites are the homemade/gift ones.

It isn't Christmas until my house is on the tree. My best friend (since before kindergarten) gave it to me, her mom did ceramics for years.

This one is from the same friend. I had the Blessed Virgin and my sister had one of the wise men.

We just received this very special angel last year. My Grandma sent it up for Ella. It was made by my great great aunt (Great Grandma's SIL). She was a very special lady that I had the good luck to know until I was about 10.

This last one isn't homemade or a gift. I bought it the Christmas I was pregnant with Ella. It always makes me smile and remember that happy time. I loved being pregnant, even with the 9 months of morning sickness.

We have many special decorations now that Ella is here. I try to find something new each year, then she will have some to take to her home when she marries.

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