Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Snowing

We're in for a pile of snow today. It sure is making a good start at it, it's been snowing all morning. Colin has to go to Renfrew for "Ag Day" so I hope it lets up some. I dislike when he has to travel in bad weather. At least if it's snowing it can't be too bitterly cold. A silver lining I guess :) Another good thing is I don't have to shovel any more like when I lived with Mom. If Colin isn't here, then his Dad comes over and runs around with the tractor blowing the snow.

Busy this week getting the house all cleaned up for the weekend. No, not because of SuperBowl -I am so lucky to have a husband who really doesn't care much for sports. Ella's birthday is on Sunday and Colin's sister's is on Friday. We're having the family up for supper on Saturday for a joint party. Should be fun.

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