Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Ella

I can't believe it, my baby turned 3 yesterday! She's getting so tall. Daddy measured her yesterday and she's 37 1/2 inches tall. Ella's taking after Daddy, he's 6 ft. I sure hope she has his metabolism too. He is constantly eating :) I really don't know where the three years have gone. Seems like just yesterday that we brought Ella home from the hospital. I feel so sad some days thinking how the time is flying by. I worry I'm not doing enough for her. I'm even getting weepy just typing this. I just feel so useless some days.

We had the family up on Saturday for supper. Roast beef, potatoes supreme, salad, mixed vegetables, ranch buns, and of course chocolate cake. It wouldn't be a birthday party without chocolate cake (well maybe mine). Ella was so good at the party, she plays so nicely with her two cousins. We seemed to have had a Disney princess theme even without trying. Ella got so many nice things. She gave out thank you hugs and kisses -even for Uncle Glenn. He has a beard and for some reason Ella always takes a while to warm up to him and usually won't hug him at all. I don't understand it, every male in our families, except Daddy and Grandpa, have beards of some sorts. Ella is just wary of them for the first part of a visit and then everything is fine?

Here's my beautiful family. I sometimes wonder how I deserve them!


Anonymous said...

Ella shares her birthday with my Mom! She turned 69 yesterday. Children's birthday times can be a little sad for us Momma's, it is a reminder that God is in control and He just keeps them growing. I once heard that parenting is a tough job, and that eventually you will work yourself out of a job...

May God bless Ella and your family through her year of being 3!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom too!

Ella's due date was the second, and I'm so glad she wasn't born on "groundhog day". She was 6lb 11oz but everyone thought she was a preemie. I guess everyone is so used to all the 9-10 lb babies born these days. She was born at 11:49pm, so when people would ask "is she a preemie" I'd say yes, by 11 minutes :)

I sure was feeling better on Sunday than 3 years ago. I was in labour at 5-2 minutes apart for 27 hours before they decided to send me down to Ottawa for a c-section. By the time she was born, Ella and I were so exhausted and she got off to a rough start. She had jaundice so they were pumping her full of fluids and she didn't want to nurse or take a bottle. Luckily I had the section or else they would have sent me home without her (or they would have tried anyway!!). But God was taking care of things and since she was born nearly on the Thursday and then there was the weekend, I got to stay at the hospital a little longer than usual. Ella needed to be off the n-g tube for 24 hours before I could take her home. So that Sunday Mom bought some of the playtex nursers (with the baggie liners) like she used for us and that was just what Ella needed. She drank that bottle so fast! The nurses made us give her the next bottle in the nursery -they thought we had dumped the milk out just so we could take her home. But no, there was no looking back, Ella gobbled up every bottle after that and we all went home together that Monday!!!! Unfortunately Ella never really got the hang of nursing so I pumped for 9ish months till I ran out. But I figure some is better than none :)

Anonymous said...

My Mom is glad that her birthday is not on groundhogs day too!!

None of my babes were very big, my first came exactly on her due date, the twins (boys) were definately preemies and my fifth was just borderline preemie - her delivery was the scariest she caused a problem to me; she had some nursing issues and became jaundice too. After a couple weeks she just took up eating and was just fine. She is still just super tiny though.

I can't even begin to imagine long labor, mine were all very short. My Dr. said that if we were to have anymore children he was going to be camping out in my room (he was headed to breakfast and missed delivering my youngest).

We've just been blessed with a 54F sunny day here in Washington state. Sometimes Feb. can just be really nice.

Paula said...

Short labours, that would be nice. My doctor says he would just schedule another section for me. My friend who just retired from being a mat. nurse can't believe they left me labouring so long. She says back in the "bad old days" of birthing, I would have had my section much sooner, then we wouldn't have been so exhausted. Ella still would have been jaudiced because daddy and I have different blood types, but she would have been off to a better start.

Colin has mennonite friends who's longest labour was 20 min -they are a good 30 min. from the hospital. The father is usually still registering when the nurse comes down to tell him it's a boy or girl!

Sigh, 54F! We've got 0F today with who knows what windchill. Wouldn't be so bad but it's grey and overcast too. I'm just about ready for spring.