Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Thursday

We have tot skating every Thursday at the arena in town. Daddy has been coming with us since we started in the New Year. I can't believe how quickly Ella is coming along. Soon she won't need Daddy's stand at all.

Momma was able to get some new (new to me) skates the other day. They are boys, but they fit my wider feet better. It's amazing how my feet have "grown" since Ella was born.

Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan gave Ella her fist computer. It's a Leap Frog "Click and Start" and she loves it. Daddy and Ella like to play after supper while Momma is washing dishes.

One final picture from grocery day. I don't know where she get's her "adorableness" from!


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you are ice skating in your "regular" clothes (a dress!) I've done it many times.

Our oldest daughter was a figure skater growing up, she was just a bit older than Ella when she got started, it just came quite naturally to her, just like Ella. I don't know what it is but, having babies really does make your feet grow!!

Paula said...

Yes, we do everything in a dress -even drive tractor and hunt down Christmas trees :) Personally I find dresses are so much warmer than when I used to wear jeans. I can fit sooo much more under a dress than I ever could jeans. My skating outfit is actually one of my maternity jumpers, a little shorter and not as full so I won't skate on it.
I was about 5 when I started skating. My feet were so small Mom couldn't find skates to fit before that. Luckily Ella has "Fletcher feet" and is already in a size 8 skate.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the warmth of dresses for winter and the coolness in the summer! You are right, you just pick the dress that suits the activity and your off.
My little girls do have snowsuit pants and we've found for safety a skort or shorter dress with bloomers is much better for bike riding.
I have been working on some doll clothes this weekend and I thought of you! There is a book with patterns for Bitty, called "Sew Baby Doll Clothes" by Joan Hinds. I've met her and I have made itens in the book for my girlies, everything fits well.
And... Ella just can't help being adorable at her age, it comes naturally!!

Paula said...

Yes, Ella is supposed to be wearing her snowpants too, but Daddy dressed her (I was busy) and I didn't realize it until we were at the arena. Luckily it was fairly warm and she didn't get too wet falling down. Ella's play dresses are much shorter than her "regular" ones. She's only riding a tricycle so her skirt's not really in the way. I'll have to make something for myself though. I wish I could find a proper ladies bike. When I was little there were these two older German and Dutch ladies that rode around town on their bikes wearing dresses! But they had proper step through, big chain guard, ladies' bikes.

Thanks for the pattern suggestion. I'll see if the library has it. Bitty Baby clothes are in my "to do" pile. Maybe just a few things, then a full wardrobe for Christmas -yes, I'm already planning Christmas :)