Monday, December 1, 2008

Sense and Sensibility Patterns

I do lots of sewing. I think in Ella's nearly 3 years, she's only had 2 store bought dresses and those were gifts. The way she grows it just is more economical to make them. That and it's hard to find nice/good quality clothes at any price, let alone one we can afford. I haven't had a store bought dress since I can't remember. I love to sew, too bad life gets in the way -haha.

One of my favourite pattern companies has a great new product. "ePatterns", great for those times when you realize you don't have the pattern you need -NOW! It saves so much time and the frustration of trying to make an existing pattern look how you want. Now you can go to Jennie's great site and download the historical pattern you want. I've used a number of them and am always so pleased with how they turn out. They can be either very historical or with simple changes can be very wearable in every day life. They are also very economical because you get such a range of sizes and options. Jennie is also there to help if you get stuck.

Please check out the new "ePatterns" at

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