Monday, December 1, 2008

First Post

Hello and Welcome!!

I had a good welcome already written, but I guess I've learnt to write it offline first :) The wonders of dial-up I guess?

I am Anglican, what some would call "high Church" but is more accurately called "Anglo-Catholic". If you go to the right church, like St. Mary Magdaline in Toronto, the service isn't much different from the way it was done in the time King Henry VIII formed the church. I've become more conservative since getting married and finding my true calling, being a wife and mother. I have returned to the centuries old tradition of covering my head, especially in church and during prayers. This is in response to God's command in the bible, for the same reason my daughter and I wear dresses all the time.

I welcome everyone and hope all will accept that we all have different beliefs and need to respect those of others. I'm not here to change you mind, just to share what's on mine!

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