Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Crafting On -19 September 2017

Not too much knitting this week for Crafting On.  Though I did find a cool new dish cloth pattern.
They were fun and easy.  I did get a bit more work done on the body of the sweater.
I’ve been doing some Kindle reading this week.  I’m glad we got the Kindle for school work.  It all started with Children to a Degree, which is free right now on Kindle.  It’s about a young boy growing up in Germany and being part of the Hitler Youth.  It was so good I bought Loyal to a Degree and now I’m working on Trust to a Degree.  They have all been really good and show’s how the ‘common’ German really felt -even with the brainwashing of the HY.
Here’s the whirligig I got Colin at the Plowing Match:
“If it ain’t red, it ain’t in the shed”

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