Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -1 August 2017

Had a great weekend at my sister's, it was even better because COLIN CAME TOO!!!  I love the colours they used in the new house.  It's still full of boxes, but I'm sure they will be unpacked soon.  Ella really enjoyed the pool, especially since it's in-ground and she can jump in.  They also rented a pontoon boat on Rice Lake.  Ella caught 2 fish (the only 2 caught all day).  They were only blue gill sun fish, but better than nothing.

I did groceries this morning before it got too crazy hot.  The outdoor thermometer says 33 C (91.4F) but that doesn't include the crazy humidity.  It was only 13C (55F)when we got up this morning so the house doesn't feel too bad (so long as you don't move much or turn on the oven.  I may not be happy, but the corn is loving this weather.

too hot and tired, we're going to the Chip Truck
lunch meat sandwich
BBQ'd ribs     Metro had some nice ribs on sale this week
Ella's got a play date after lunch so we'll hit McD's
BBQ chicken roll-ups (from freezer and done in toaster oven)
lunch meat sandwiches
leftover ribs
to be decided

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