Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crop Tour

Sunday (after cutting grass at Grandma's) we went on a bit of a crop tour over on 'the other side of the lake'.  People around here are so funny.  Those that live on the Cobden side of Muskrat Lake almost look at those who live on the Beachburg side like they are strangers/aliens.  I remember when all the little Anglican parishes joined together a few years ago people were up in arms because sometimes services were going to be held in Beachburg -"the other side of the lake".  Good grief.

The landscape is very different over by Westmeath/Beachburg.  The fields are so nice and flat.  The farms tend to be a little bigger over there and in bigger chunks.  We've got 500 acres, but it's in 5 different locations.  Over on this side of the lake, chances are, it would be one chunk.  That would be so nice, then I wouldn't have to worry about Colin driving on the highway with our big equipment.  One downside over there is the land is very sandy.  Their crops get off to a great, early start (and make Colin feel behind).  But unless we get perfect rain (yeah like that happens often) their crops, especially the corn, really start to suffer by the end of the season.  It's kind of funny, when I took this picture we could see a deer out there eating all the soybeans, but you can't see it in the picture.

I love our house in the summer (from the outside anyway).  The trees hide it so much that you really can't even see it from the highway.  From this distance even the garden looks good.  I need to get more summer plants.  I wish all those seeds I bought had grown this year.  :(

And there's Miss Daisy on the step waiting for us.

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