Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Menu Plan Monday, Etc....

So busy last week getting ready for Guide camp.  I didn’t get time for my Farm Girl Friday post.  So I guess I’ll give you a bit of everything, starting with Menu Plan Monday.
And then I got busy cleaning up and doing groceries and this post turned into a Wednesday post 🙂
ham and cheese bun
pork tenderloin on the BBQ -that was really yummy
McDonald’s (groceries)
leftover tenderloin
grilled cheese
leftover tacos
pork chops
Saturday:   A&S Day at Baroness Cate’s
Finally some sunshine.  Colin and Dad hard at the planting.
A very happy sight to see last week – Hard Red Spring Wheat.
475 acres in 11 days, plus 2 days planting for a neighbour too.  One tuckered out Farmer.  We ended up with about 25 acres that just won’t/can’t be planted this year.  Some is STILL underwater and those not underwater are very, very squishy.  It is such a relief to have the crops finally planted.
Look at this beauty growing under my laundry stand.  I have had columbine and Granny’s Bonnets in my garden for years and I’m always amazed at the new combinations that pop up from year to year.  I’ll have to watch for seeds for in my proper garden.
We had a great time at Guide camp this weekend.  Though we did have torrential rain about 10 minutes after the girls arrived.  We had a family campfire dinner planned.  Luckily the folks at the Camp let us use their dining hall AND luckily supper was ham and cheese buns.  They would have been better all hot and melty, but they were good cold too.  The rest of camp was beautiful weather.
Now sleeping, that was another story.  The girls were wound for sound and had the crazies until 11:30.  Ella and a couple of the other girls retreated to the living room in an attempt to get some sleep.  Ella was nearly in tears wanting to sleep.  At least they would sleep in, right?   Nope, they were up and ready to go at 5!!
And finally for Yarn Along/Crafting On, I’ve been working on Grandma’s scarf.  I wish I could memorize the body pattern, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.  I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out.
Nothing extra planned this week.  Though I do still have to clean up from camp (the girls don’t wash so well).  Next week, not so much.  We’ve got something booked on EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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