Monday, May 8, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -8 May 2017

Menu Plan Monday again.  Nothing too interesting last week, just watching the water levels around here going up and up.  There are houses so far under water that they are likely completely wrecked.  We drove over by Golden Lake/Deacon and it’s unbelievable the amount of water everywhere.  We’ve got about 20 acres under water but at least it’s not up to our house.  Though if the seeds don’t get in that means no income to live on (crop insurance only applies if the seeds get in the ground), so I really hope the rain stops soon (at least until late June).
Ella’s last day of swimming lessons this week.  Hopefully she passes this time.  Even if she doesn’t I think I’ll register her for level 6 any way.  I’ve watched the ‘6’ kids and they don’t swim any better than Ella and don’t do anything she hasn’t learned already.
I really hope we can get some spring soon.  We’ve had flurries yesterday and today.  And today, the snow is actually piling up in places.  Seriously Mother Nature, it’s the 8th of May!  How much you want to bet it’s going to go from 3C (37F) to 30C (86F) and humid -blah!
grilled cheese
Hamburger Helper -Ella’s favourite beef and noodles
leftover HH
chicken tikka masala & roasted vegetable couscous -new recipe
leftover chicken
Caesar salad
chicken stirfry -new recipe
pork tenderloin (actual recipe not decided yet)
beef barley soup  -new recipe
Sunday:   COMIC-CON!!!! in Ottawa
leftover tenderloin
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