Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yarn Along -9 February 2017

A day late because we ran out of internet for the month.  Boy that was a long 2 days -ha ha.  We really need to find a better internet service provider.  I have discovered we can’t use any of the companies that have DSL over the phone lines.  Apparently, Bell hasn’t updated out phone lines and they can’t do it over the old lines.
Remember the ski-doo?  Well, Colin is finding it much too cold (even with a hat) so I whipped him up a balaclava (Elizabeth Zimmerman of course).
I made the ‘body’ of the hat a little longer.  He’s enjoying it today even just out in the yard because it’s -30 C with the windchill.
We are loving reading The Hobbit!
I forgot to tell you about a surprise present Colin got for us for Christmas.  He was really ticked because Home Hardware didn’t get any in until a few weeks ago.
 BUT it doesn’t come with the special sugar and that sugar was on back-order until TODAY!  Luckily the candy floss machine works with regular sugar (coloured and flavoured of course).

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Diann said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE cotton candy!! Enjoy! :P