Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yarn Along -12 January 2017

I know I’ve said it before, but I really do thank God for our socialized medicine.  Ella’s had a cold and been coughing since we the day before we cut down the tree.  Initially the doctor said it was bronchitis, so we took it easy and hoped.  She’s still coughing and it’s keeping her (and me) up at night.  So over to the clinic we went yesterday.  This time we saw my usual Nurse Practitioner.  She had a good listen to Ella’s lungs and she’s got pneumonia starting.  Luckily we caught it really early.  Ella’s big enough to have the capsules, so getting the amoxicillin into her won’t be a problem.  I hope they kick in soon because her cough is getting worse.  We slept on the chesterfield last night, the ‘lazy-boy’ ends are perfect for keeping Ella upright but more comfortable than a pile of pillows.  She’s feeling rather sorry for herself (she’s not used to having a cold for more than a few days).  I picked her up a friend when I picked up the prescriptions (I’m on prednesone again to make my stupid cough stop) and that has helped.
Now for my Yarn Along post.
I whipped up a new face cloth with a funky Bernat cotton.  Looks good but turned Colin’s face (and my fingers) blue!  Glad I only bought the little ball to try.  Sure wish the dollar was better because the ‘dish cloth’ cotton at Knit Picks is so much nicer than anything I can buy around here.  Knitting continues on Ella’s infinity scarf too, but since it basically looks the same as last week (just wider) I won’t take a new picture.
I looked at the calendar the other day and had a mild case of panic.  Ella’s birthday is coming up fast and I haven’t started her birthday sock!  She wants knee socks again so I better get started.
I like to use sock calculators because it makes the socks fit better.  I’m making the top like my knee socks -with the casing for ties, it was a brilliant idea I found in an Icelandic knitting book.  Why fight with your socks when you can have a pretty tie at the top?  I’ve added a cable up the back of the sock just for some knitting interest.  I like the Jawoll brand (though could be a little softer) because it comes with reinforcement thread of the perfect colour for the heels.

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