Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yarn Along -26 October 2016

Just popped in for a quick Yarn Along post.  I've got the bread in the oven and that's stalled my baking for the morning (it's almost time to start lunch).  Quick quiz: how can you tell Ella went to Toronto for the weekend?  She's at Grandma's puking and starting a cold!  Hurray!  I'm still trying to get over the cough from last month's cold.  Going to have to dip her in Purell next time we go to Toronto.

I've got 3/4s of Dad's slipper order finished.  You'll have to follow the link to see the picture.  I can't seem to post pictures today.

On my packing list for camp is How to be a Victorian, not that there is much leader down-time.  I may have posted this book before on Yarn Along, but I haven't actually started it.  Ruth Goodman isn't just a researcher, she actually lives the lifestyle she's investigating.  Her How to be a Tudor was great and dispelled a lot of mis-information spread by teacher and museum guides for a long time.

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