Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yarn Along -or not -7 September 2016

Wow, what a busy long weekend in Toronto.  I don't have the pictures ready, so I'll have to share those later.

What do I have to share for Yarn Along this week?  Absolutely nothing!!  Instead I got to spend Saturday sitting on a boat in the middle of Rice Lake reading.  That's right, you saw that correctly.  One entire, glorious day of just reading!  That sure doesn't happen often.  And what did I read?  Well for the history buffs and the 'Downton Abbey' folks, it's a really enjoyable book called "The Housekeeper's Tale".  It's about the lives of a handful of Housekeepers in the grand houses of England over about 200 years.  It was actually a good read for labour day weekend since it contains tales of women turfed out (of job and home) for no good reason and without any future prospects (since they couldn't get a reference).  I highly recommend it.

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