Friday, June 10, 2016

Farm Girl Friday -10 June 2016


Still a rather cool start to Farm Girl Friday, but it's supposed to warm up quite a bit this weekend.  Off goes the furnace -till Fall hopefully this time.

Any ideas what this is?

It's the bottom part of one of these!  Colin bought a new grain wagon (well new to us).  It was cheaper to buy the parts from 2 separate places.  He picked up the undercarriage the other day in Renfrew.  Yesterday he borrowed the flatbed trailer from BIL Glenn and headed (with Dad for company) to Winchester to pick up the box part.

Just slide the top on the bottom and voila -new wagon.

Finally got the tomatoes in the ground, they don't like hanging out in the greenhouse once it starts getting too warm.  Well, if half a dozen weren't dug out by the bleepity bleep skunk looking for the skim milk powder we put at the bottom of the holes (prevents blossom end rot on the tomatoes).  Luckily Colin had some fencing hanging around (that's why farmers never throw away anything).  Live trap is out and ready for skunk removal.

Came home Tuesday afternoon and found Daisy doing this???  She didn't even come over to the car, even though we'd been away all weekend.  Colin said she's been there ALL day.  Any guess why?

Because the silly thing had 'treed' a little black squirrel.  Do you see the ears peaking over the top?  Colin had tried to drag Daisy in the house (so the squirrel could escape) but she acts like you are killing her if you hold onto her collar and she was desperate to get back.  I think she got distracted by supper long enough for the squirrel to make his escape.  And Ella worries about the coyotes -Daisy's not letting anything in the yard!

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