Monday, November 2, 2015

Day Book -2 November 2015

For Today…  2 November 2015
Outside my window…wow, it's a beautiful day.  17.6C (68.6F) on the second of November is nearly unheard of!  Sunny too.
I am thinking… about my menu plan for the next month.  No ideas at all...
I am thankful… all my blood work came back good.  Well, cholesterol is a little high, but my 'good' cholesterol is high and since I'm a young woman there isn't much worry.  Need to get my butt moving and start walking more.
I am wearing… my purple tiered dress.
I am creating… just sewing one more thing for the Advent swap.
I am going… no where!
I am wondering…if it's a good idea to let Ella watch the first part of The Hobbit?  She says she's old enough.  I think she will be OK.
I am reading… nothing.  Finished up Lark Rise to Candleford.  Actually not true.  I picked up the new Jane Austen Knits magazine.  I love the articles and there are some beautiful patterns.
I am hoping… Colin gets all the plowing done before the ground freezes.  With the weather forecast this week, he'll have a good shot at it -if it doesn't rain.
In my kitchen…beef stew -yum!!  May make some tea biscuits to go with the stew.
In the homeschool room… Ella is liking the Handwriting Without Tears.  We've only done a couple lessons, but that's good.
One of my favorite things… introducing Ella to movies that I love.  Especially ones that do well to follow the book (or the spirit of the book any way).
Christmas Countdown continues this week.  We're in the Bathroom and Children's rooms.  This is the week I'm glad our house is small and only has one of each.
Today is a special day on the Church calendar.  The end of Hallowtide brings us All Soul's Day.  We were going to go visit Grandma Isobel, but Ella's fighting off the cold Daddy shared and I'm not sure I'm feeling that great either.  Today we remember all our dearly departed and look to see them again.

I can't seem to embed videos on the blog, so here's the link you need for a song for today.

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