Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yarn Along -29 July 2015


The heat and humidity continues and I haven't knitted a thing.  That's how you can tell it's far too hot (also a gauge of when I'm sick).  So for Yarn Along this week I'll share some virtual knitting (aka mostly dream knitting).

I love this, cables and fair isle!

Another beautiful dress.  This one is based on a very beautiful shawl that I would love to make at some time.

I actually have the wool for this one, but don't know whether I should make it.  I think it might be overpowering on someone my size/height.

I'm actually considering making this one for me.  Though I have Ella and Grandma sweaters to make first.  I really like the fit of it, but I would change the front to close normally instead of overlap.

I really like this one.  I haven't made a Faroese shawl yet.  They are shaped differently than regular ones and are supposed to stay on your shoulders much better.  I'm thinking of using my Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizzard, Sock in TARDIS.  

Has it been cool enough where you live?

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