Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yarn Along -22 April 2015

Got some travel knitting to share this week for Yarn Along.

I've got the heels turned and starting on the ankles of my TARDIS socks for the second time.  I just didn't like the round toes of the other pattern, so I did my regular toes and am much happier with these socks.

I've got one heel turned and the other ready to go on my Bulgarian knee socks.  I think I should have used a tighter gauge with this yarn, but I'm not doing them over again (again).
You may have noticed this isn't the book I told you I was taking on holiday.  Seems I had a brain cramp and I packed the other book in my suitcase.  Doesn't really help for reading in the car!  So I pulled out this one to throw in my car knitting bag. Rise & Fall Of the Victorian Servant is a good historical book, though at times it gets a little bogged down with numbers.  But those parts are easy enough to skim through.  Wow, the things domestic servants had to go through.  It's hard to imagine sending Ella out to work in the 'manor house' for the local Lord as a scullery maid.  I've got some cool historical fiction from my dad to read.  But they are fairly thick and will need some time set aside for reading.

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