Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, Farm Girl Thursday -9 April 2015

I didn't know whether to make this a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post or a Farm Girl Friday.  So I guess we'll call it both  :)

The end of March our ready to lay hens arrived.  They aren't used to me, so they pile up in the corner when I go in the pen.  They'll get used to me and Colin soon.

The hens last year were too young.  It took nearly 6 weeks for them to lay.  Not exactly 'ready to lay', though we didn't get charged any less!

But I'm Happy to say that the hens got off to a great start and I had half a dozen later that afternoon.  I'm really happy now because the hens are almost up to regular 'large' sized eggs.

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