Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Knitted Year 2014

I know I say this every year, but it always looks like so much when it's all written here:

Ella's birthday socks
Hugs and Kisses fingerless gloves for Ella
2 assorted knitted face cloths
Colin's socks 
owls for Ella's birthday guests
TARDIS hat for Teresa's fellow
Ella socks -wool for camp
felted mittens for Ella -2 pair
felted slippers for Colin
American Girl dress for Alex
Easter dress for Olivia
Fat Robin for Sheila
bunny pocket pet for Ella
stripey socks for me
Polperro Gansey -sweater coat for Grandma (from Christmas)
pineapple lace for my petticoat
more Christmas socks for Colin
poncho for Grandma
bathing suit for Olivia
Dr. Who Scarf socks for Michelle
more socks for Colin
afghan for Momma
slipper 1 and slipper 1 for Grandpa Jim
2 snow ladies for the swap
sock book mark for swap
petal shawl for swap
Goddess shawl for Teresa
cowls for a 'pay-it-forward'
fingerless gloves -for swap
Christmas stocking for Olivia
TARDIS socks -for Teresa
worsted socks -for Michelle
warm knee socks -for Momma
gnarled oak cardigan -for Belinda

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