Monday, December 8, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -8 December 2014


Another late Menu Plan Monday post.  This time I was busy at the doctor's office.  Well, the nurse practitioner to be exact because they don't consider me worthy of an actual doctor.  Remember that bit of a cold that went through the house after we got home from London?  Since it didn't settle in my chest I thought I was going to be OK.  But no, it flared up my asthma any way and I've been coughing since.  I've been really diligent lately with my inhalers and had hoped to get it back under control.  No such luck.  So off to the clinic I went this morning.  Now I have an appointment to see the respiratory technician (I wish they would send me to the real respirologist at the hospital).  And 5 days worth of prednesone to get the cough stopped.  Every so often we have to change my inhalers, I just wish we didn't need the prednesone too.  It's nasty stuff.  It either makes me hunger or not want to eat at all -never know which.  At least it's only 5 days worth.  Now if only we had good drug coverage.

Sure feels cold up here in Eastern Ontario.  Thermometer says only -6C (21F) but there is a wicked east wind blowing making it feel much worse.  Also, the problem with an east wind is the house is only 18C (64F) which is kind of chilly.  I'm not sure what 'brilliant' person thought two layers of brick with a layer of air between would make good insulation for an Ontario home??  My home was built in 1905, so it's not even that old.  We ever win the lottery and build a new house it's going to have LOTS of insulation!

Subway on the way home
spaghetti -because what better way to spend a cold day than the arena!
oatmeal pancakes
hot pork sandwiches (made pork instead of beef)
hamburger vegetable soup
pork sandwiches (cold)
Cornish pasties
baked potato croquettes and bacon and eggs
leftover chicken Parmesan

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