Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along -19 November 2014

A road trip is always good for the knitting.  I had Ella's sweater finished almost to the underarm, then I realized I had made a catastrophic mistake at the start and had to rip it all out again.  Start over and making better progress this time.

I also made good progress on the TARDIS socks.  I had to stop working on them to check the leg length.  They look a little odd but that's because I'm using rib on the 'body' of the leg to make them stay up easier (since they are acrylic).

I finally bit the bullet and finished the sweater.  Elizabeth Zimmerman was right, it's not that hard and really not that scary.  I wish sewing it by hand or by crochet was a good firm edge because I could see the machine causing puckering if you're not careful.  

There it is cut open!  I wish I could get an accurate picture of the colour, it's actually quite pretty (for a moss green).  The sewing machine picture it the closest so far.

And there's the finished button bands.  Now to sew the ends and find some buttons.
It's not yarn related, but I finally finished Ella's tablet case.  

Ella really wanted a case that would hold the tablet up for when she watches movies.

I just need to find some Velcro to help keep it closed.

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