Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yarn Along -1 October 2014

Well, the one good thing with Ella being sick and then me being sick (and Ella at Grandma's) is that I get a lot of chesterfield time.  Here's a few more things for the Advent swap.

We'll start with a couple snow ladies.  I had to re-do the face of the lady in purple because she looked like she more belonged on a Dr. Who episode than a Christmas display.

Next is a sock bookmark.  I love making these little socks.  They are perfect socks, heel flap and gusset and everything.  I used some leftover yarn from last week's shawl.

Speaking of the shawl:

I changed the edging.  I don't like the leaf edge the pattern uses and I ran out of yarn for the edging I wanted to use, so I used the old faithful 'crochet chain' edging.  Sure makes blocking easy.

Another Christmas shawl.  Not sure if the recipient lurks on the blog so I can't tell you.  This was a quick and easy knit.  Very easy to adjust to your yarn supply.

And of course it wouldn't be a swap without a dishcloth, though my swap partner doesn't want soap so I can't send a local soap along.

OK, I bowed to the OCD bunch (including me) and ripped out the fingerless gloves from yesterday.

Now they match beautifully.  Also, I made another thing for the swap.  Isn't that bear cute?
We've not been doing too much school since both teacher and student feel yucky, so we're still reading Little House Big Woods.

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