Friday, September 26, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -26 September 214

For Farm Girl Friday, the Farm Girly and I walked out to the 'pasture field' to see what the Farmer has been busy doing all week (on the days with no rain).

He's down at the far end by the swamp and very glad it's not spring!  In the spring this job would be nearly impossible (or at least very unpleasant) because of the mosquitoes.

Colin's been busy digging a 300 ft trench for some tile drainage.  Soon the tile (long tube) will arrive and he will bury it in the trench.  Then the water will run here and drain off towards the swamp/river.  Hopefully this will help with the wet spots in the field.  As you can see, the field is starting to drain even without the tile.  You can also see the 'lovely' white clay that Colin has to contend with every year.

The clover is coming up well in the wheat stubble.  All waiting for plow down -just what this old clay ground needs.

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