Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Start and A Finish

School started today.  I have a migraine so we did the short version, but we were learning.  Ella was very pleased with the A+ she got on her math review.  It's not very 'Waldorf' to give her grades that way, but it makes her happy.

You are going to have to wait to hear about our trip to London.  I'm too sad to post today.  Yesterday we had to take Kitty Cat to the vet.  She was drooling and not eating her dry food.  Colin had look and thought her tooth was infected.  I was afraid we'd have to spend a fortune on surgery and antibiotics.  Boy, did I have it wrong.
Poor Kitty Cat's entire right side jaw was a giant bloody, pussy cancer tumor!  Our dear sweet Kitty had a very aggressive form of cancer and it was likely in her bones now too.  So Kitty Cat had to be sent to kitty heaven last night.  I'm going to miss my snuggle buddy.

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