Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yarn Along -7 May 2014

No finished project this week, but I did start something new (big surprise).  Decided I better start some Christmas knitting, though I don't know what I'm going to do for most of the family.   I don't know if they like/appreciate the things I make, so I don't know whether I should bother.  My sister on the other hand has actually requested knitted things.  

I have no idea why this is so blurry.  I literally took half a dozen pictures this morning and THIS is the best one.  At least the colour is fairly close, though it is darker in person.  It's a really nice mossy 
green.  Berroco Vintage in DK.  It's just as nice as the regular Vintage.  The pattern is from a book that we picked up at the Purple Purl.  It's called the Gnarled Oak Cardigan so the colour is perfect.  You may have noticed that I'm knitting in the round?  That's because I hate to purl (at least this much) and I'm going to attempt steeking.  The immortal Elizabeth Zimmerman says it's the only way to make a sweater and she's not mislead me yet!

We're heading to Scarborough again this weekend, so I'm sure there will be lots of knitting to share next week -just not on the sweater since it's for my sister for Christmas.  She's not like Colin, I can't knit her stuff in front of her -ha ha!

I just realized I DO have a finished project to share!  I finally got a picture of Grandma wearing her Polperro Gansey.  Yes, I know it's awfully big and baggy and square, but that's the way Grandma likes to wear her sweater coat.  I believe in knitting the way people want -and that includes baggy or acrylic.  Why spend all that time and money knitting if they won't wear it?

Just don't tell her that it's half wool (merino) or suddenly it will get itchy  :)

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