Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -10 April 2014


Thought I'd share a chickie update for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  They sure make Ella Happy.  She goes down and checks on them multiple times a day.

They are really starting to feather out.  I like the dark wings on this little one.

The front two in this picture are turkeys.  And that's a bit of Real, we are down to 4 turkeys  :(

Here is the real Real.

My best friend Teresa is a disabled single mother.  She also has a special needs son (he has PKU).  She tries her best to get by on the pitiful amount that Ontario pays for disability insurance.  But recently her van has died.  They live in a little village in the middle of no where.  Even groceries/prescriptions are 20 minutes away, let alone the specialist appointments for her son at CHEO in Ottawa.   On top of it all, just after Christmas Teresa suffered a blood clot in her lungs!  She's now on blood thinners and all sorts of other medications (many of which she's found she's allergic to).  Her situation is so dire, that the other day she had a bleeding episode but decided to risk staying home because she didn't have the $40 for the taxi ride back home from the hospital.

I never ask for money on this blog, but if you could help Teresa you would be doing a great thing.  And if you can't financially help, please remember them in your prayers.  We all know the miracles prayer can work!

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