Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -21 March 2014

When one is a Farm Girl on a real, full-time working farm, you get used to the fact that 'real' vacations are few and far between.  Extra work for the Farmer usually means he's 'out' for long hours and if you are lucky he comes home in time for supper.
But not last weekend...
Friends of ours have a B&B (well, more log cabins they rent out) and Carol wants to start grinding her own flour.  Joe grew her wheat last summer but wasn't happy with the job the combine did.   They know all about Colin's cleaner so they invited us out for a night if we'd bring the cleaner.  Can't beat a deal like that!  It was a rather cold day for Colin out there cleaning, but Carol, her friend Judy and I had a great visit in the house with the cook stove going.  Joe had a friend and a son-in-law over for the day too so Colin had more help than ever.
Not the best picture, the first one was better but my eyes were closed  :)  It was nice to just lazy around the cabin all afternoon (cleaning was done by lunch).  The wood stove had the cabin so nice and cozy.  
So nice when extra work equals a romantic night away too.

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