Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Knitting Year in Review

It always amazes me at the start of every year when I look at this list.

Ivy in Autumn fingerless gloves for Shiela
Goose Girl tea cozy for Uncle Stefan's mom
Cable Sweater for Olivia
Ella's Hobby Horse -bad Momma it took me forever to finish for no good reason
Some mug cozies for my SIL Elizabeth -take out size
owls coffee cozy
 hugs and kisses coffee cozy
felted Ice Harbor Compass mittens for me
hugs and kisses cozy for Belinda
dress for Olivia
another dress for Olivia
Ella's birthday socks
catnip mouse for pay-it-forward
fingerless gloves for the pay-it-forward
hat for Olivia
wool socks for Momma
colourful socks for Ella
more Momma socks
slippers for Olivia
take out cup cozies
miniature snail for Ella
Bee Skep tea cozy for Karen and Great-Grandma
Parlor cat for Ella with the yarn she dyed
more socks for Momma
crochet Barbie dress for Ella
New Look Barbie dress
cool circular jacket for Barbie
wavy moss hat -test knit on Ravelry
AG pineapple skirt -test crochet on Ravelry
hunting toque for Brittany and Elizabeth
AG cami top -test crochet on Ravelry
dress for Miss Maggie Rabbit -Ella's pen pal Sophia
ripped out the toque for Brittany  and made her a headband -she's at the form over function stage still  :)
test argyle socks for Ella's highland dance
another dish doily cloth for the Advent 2013 swap
cotton face cloth
market bag -Advent swap
pencil dolly -Advent swap
apple cozy -Advent swap
apple -Advent swap (can't mail fruit to the US)
baby Bunny in a basket -Advent swap
snowman -Advent swap
fingerless gloves for Elizabeth
fingerless gloves for Brittany
toque for Glenn
fingerless gloves for Glenn
socks for Grandma Hattie
fingerless gloves for Lorraine
Scandinavian style shawl for Pamela (dance teacher)
lacy maple leaf shawlette -test knit
fingerless gloves for Belinda
mini snowman for Sophia and Teresa
snow lady for Grandma
Weeping Angel for Uncle Stefan
Hand to Hand cable sweater for Colin
Danish tie-shawl for Julie

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