Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yarn Along -4 December 2013

Yarn Along
Lots to share this week for yarn along.

The test knit shawlette is finally done!  It wasn't hard to knit, but for some reason I kept having a brain cramp when working the 3rd chart.  It's called Lacy Maple Leaf and this colourway reminds me of autumn up here in the Ottawa Valley.

This item is coming along nicely.  I'm to the boring part, round and round in knitting.  No more fun.  I'm trying not to panic about the number of balls left.  I did the math, must trust the math  :)

And I loved the Scandinavian shawl so much that I started one for myself.  It's hard to wear sweaters around here because I'm always washing dishes or eggs or something and sleeves get in the way.  A tie-shawl makes as much sense today as it did for the fisherman's wives.  You might recognize the yarn, Mom gave it to me last year for Christmas.  It was made into a February Lady's sweater, but I didn't like it.  It seemed too thick even though it's the right size.

Our Advent reading has started.  These are the books we've enjoyed so far:

Berenstain Bears: Get Ready for Christmas
Berenstain Bears: Joy of Giving

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