Friday, November 15, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -15 November 2013

Farm Girl Friday
Things are kind of quiet here on the Farm this week.  Farmer is trying to get some corn combined, it started to really break off in the bad wind storm we had a couple weeks ago.  The bins are now full and the rest will have to stand in the field over-winter.  He's also wanting to do some digging and draining before the ground freezes any more.
So proud of our Farm Girly, she stood so still and respectful at the Rememberance service in Renfrew with the Brownies.  She was so proud of herself because she got her first badge.
Meanwhile, the Farm Girl (Momma) is busy getting the house in order for Advent and gearing up to start Christmas baking.  Before we know it, it will be Stir-Up Sunday and it will be time to start our holidays.

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