Saturday, July 6, 2013


Last Saturday after we got home from the Deep River Farmers' Market we packed up the truck and escaped from the farm for a few days.
holiday -cottage (1000x750)
We were lucky enough to book a few days at our favourite B&B.  It's just an hour away and it's heaven on earth.
holiday -kitchen (1000x750)
The cottage is kind of small so we like to rent the bigger house just because it gives Ella room on rainy days, but it was booked so we took the cottage.  The kitchen comes fully stocked.  All I have to bring is the food.
holiday -living room (1000x750)
This is the view of the other side of the room from the front door.  Yes we brought the lap top, but that was just for watching movies -in case of rain and in the evening after Ella went to bed.
holiday -Ella's room (1000x750)
Upstairs are two bedrooms.  Each bedroom has two double/queen beds.  Ella picked the one with the 'pretty' headboard.  The bathroom (which is the size of my living room here) is downstairs -another plus of the big house, it has a bathroom upstairs and down.
holiday -water (1000x750)
Of course, the biggest draw is the beautiful, private lake.  It's quite shallow for quite a ways out.  Perfect for Ella this year.  
holiday -fishing (1000x750)
The weekend was rather cool.  Not hot and steamy like usual for the Canada day weekend.  There was NO WAY I was going in the lake. I don't like swimming in water where you have to let yourself go numb before it feels good  :)
holiday -fishing 3 (1000x750)
Ella an Daddy tried catching fish all over the lake.  We don't know where the bass were hiding this year.
holiday -fish 3 (1000x750)
Ella caught 3 little perch.  I think this was the biggest one.  Most of the perch were so little all they could do was nibble on her worms, they were too small to actually bite the hook.  But even just nibbles are more fun than nothing.  Ella had a grand time.  Her great-grandpa would be so proud of our little fisherman.
holiday -cannonball (1000x750)
As you can see, the cold water did not slow down Ella.  This is her version of a cannonball.
holiday -swimming (1000x750)
She had absolutely no fear of the water this year.  Luckily with the lake being so shallow, I was able to watch her from dry land.  She is actually able to stand up where she is in this picture.  It's just above her waist, so she's perfectly safe floating around out there with her new manta ray.  I was enjoying my knitting time under our market canopy.
holiday -sand palace (1000x750)
And of course, it wouldn't be a Canada day weekend vacation without the annual sand castle.  We had a bit of an 'oops' leading up to our holiday.  Daddy accidentally mowed over her wall building form.  Luckily I found a sand castle building set at the Giant Tiger in DR.
holiday -sand palace (1000x750) (2)
And here's the finished sand castle, I mean palace.  Luckily the kids that were staying in the big house didn't destroy her work.  I hate when parents let their kids do that.  Her castles get bigger every year.  Our hosts look forward to seeing her creations.
holiday -marshmallow (1000x750)
And of course, it wouldn't be a weekend at the cottage without a fire and marshmallows.  It was getting so cool that I was happy to have the fire to try to warm up!
holiday -relaxation (1000x750)
Now that's a successful weekend!  What you don't see is I'm wearing my February Lady sweater underneath the shawl and was just warm enough.  I had been watching all the kids in the lake.  When Colin got back (he ran back home for some jackets for watching the fireworks that night) I succumbed to the warmth of the sun and had a cat nap.  I also got burnt and now my nose is peeling and I'm nearly all white again (I don't tan).
We had such a good, relaxing time.  Much too short of course.  I sure hope we get to escape out there again this summer.


Anonymous said...

Heh Paula. Glad you got a holiday. We are basking in extreme heat here as I am sure you are too doing of all the stupid things haying. Daughters wedding was on the weekend. I felt like I was in the show Duck Dynasty but all the same had a good time.Marlyn

Paula said...

I was thinking the wedding must be coming up soon Marlyn. I'm glad you had a good time. It's crazy hot up here too. Luckily we don't do hay any more. Dad got rid of the cows during BSE. And Colin doesn't miss it either :)